Tuesday, April 28, 2009


New Town doing a new job. I noticed that I had not really updated my blog since December 2007. It is now April 27, 2009.

In the past year Metro imploded. Well really the implosion took place recently on March 30, 2009. The system I helped improve since 2009 is now a shell of its former self. I didn't have the heart to cut 40 % of the bus service, 33 % of the rail system with a 20 % call a ride cut thrown in for good measure.

So I decided to apply for a new job in Dallas Texas. Since the Kennedy assassination, I aways was somewhat concerned what sort of state Texas was. Well, I decided that a city committed to doubling its light rail line, adding commuter rail and managing 80 miles of HOV lanes must have something worth while. What is particularly interesting is that the cities making up Dart had to vote to be part of Dart and enact the 1 % sales tax.

Well luckily, I got the job and now live in an apartment on White Rock Lake in the City of Dallas. Great biking area and Dallas is filled with people from everywhere.

So I hope to take a few pictures so you can see what Dallas looks like.